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A little bit about me..... Longarm Quilter and Certified Teacher for  Art and Stitch

My background is varied and interesting. I love to learn and enjoy the challenges of life.
I am married and mum of 2 great kids.

I have worked in a lot of fields. I spent 8 years in law enforcement, 10 years in catering(they tell me I am a good cook), whilst doing those things I have obtained qualifications as a Practionioner of Aromatherapy and Computer Technician(now they call me a computer geek), worked for NSW Department of Education and Training in a primary school with over 800 children as a Technology Support Officer and Systems Administrator and now in a change of direction ... I am a longarm quilter who discovered a passion for designing my own quilt patterns.
I have a Gammill Optimum/Statler Longarm Quilting machine and have been involved with quilting for many years. I have run my own quilting studio for years now.
I first became involved in quilting when my mother and aunt began quilting and then taught my daughter to quilt; I was busy doing my computer courses and working so I didn’t really have a lot of time for quilting.

Needing a change of pace....  Wow was my life changed, I was given the opportunity to buy a longarm quilting machine that was computerised and I jumped at this!  This was a new and exciting journey for me and I haven’t looked back.  Under the wing of Kaye Brown I absorbed all about using the Statler and then some more.  My computer background helped me learn very quickly whilst I embarked in my new field.

In 2009 I won the Longarm quilting award from Camden Country Quilers Guild and in 2012 a 2nd Place at The Sydney Royal Easter Show (quilt pieced by Jennifer Wood).
Just to boast a few .....  awards are nice however the best rewards come from seeing the joy in the faces of my customers when they see a quilt top transformed with the quilting services that I have performed for them.

I wanted to design my own patterns for quilts and this lead me to Art and Stitch. One of my interests is Stained Glass windows; they have some wonderful shapes just perfect for quilting blocks. I wanted to be able to recreate those images for quilting  and I now I am able to create those beautiful shapes from within the windows into designs using Art and Stitch.

Meanwhile I have become a certified teacher for Art and Stitch. If you are interested in private or group lessons on digitizing in Art and Stitch contact me via phone or email.

My Addendum on Stained Glass windows using Magic Square is included in the user mannual of Art and Stitch Software.
I love designing for my Statler and have uploaded some of my designs that have been stitched out into the gallery... please feel free to contact me should you need a specific pattern design ... 

In 2012 I attended the SUGAR conference in Columbia Missouri the home of Statler Quilting Systems and Gammill quilting machines,,,,,,SUGAR  is a confernece for Statler users. 3 days of classes and networking all relating to the Statler quilting experience... I was excited to be able to do this. It was great experience to meet up with our American siblings and learn some great techniques from the masters. I look forward to being able to assist your you with your quilting needs so  please don't hesitate to email or call .....

   Happy quilting !!!!