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Fees for Machine Quilting

Most machine quilters charge by the size of the quilt top combined with the style of quilting requested and type of thread used.

I use a Gammill Longarm Statler Stitcher.

The various styles of quilting are charged at different rates. 

There are hundreds of patterns available for use on the Statler Stitcher using Creative Studio and suit all types of quilts.

Our example shows pricing for an Edge to Edge (all over)Pattern.


To Calculate an approximate cost:

First measure your quilt top to find the length and width in inches. Since every machine and every quilter will sew slightly different quarter inch seam, you must actually measure your top instead of relying on the finished measurements given in your pattern. The first step is to multiply your length in inches times your width in inches. Then follow the formula below substituting you dimensions and the quoted pricing.

Square feet:

80" x 90" = 7200 sq.in.
7200 sq. in. ÷ 144 sq.in. = 50 sq.ft
50 sq.ft. x $4.50 = $200.00


Price List

The following prices are based upon you supplying the wadding and Backing Material.
All prices include GST.

Edge to Edge

One chosen design all over the quilt.

Note:  Designs cannot be different on the back of the quilt.


$4.50 sq.ft.

Edge to Edge with trim outs


$5.50 sq.ft.

Edge to Edge
(separate border)


$5.50 sq.ft.



Not taking custom quilts from 2017.




Turning Fee for separate borders


Basting (Edges and grid lines)

From $2.00

                                     Joining of backing material



Wool Wadding can be supplied at extra cost from $28 per metre



Please Note: Quotes requested by Phone are estimates only and a FINAL quote will be given when the quilt top is measured on site.